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Hey guys! Just letting you know that I’m thinking of deleting this blog and posting more on my new one. I’ll miss this blog but I need a new start, so if you want to keep in tumblr-touch, here’s the link:



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My little chookie, Penelope!

My little chookie, Penelope!

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So, a few days ago I found out that my favourite record store was selling copies of Noctourniquet already, so of course I went off to buy a copy. 

The second I started listening to it, I was taken back to that amazing world that you are taken to when you listen to something by The Mars Volta for the first time… I had been waiting for a very long time for an album like this one to come out and the band did an absolutely beautiful job!  Everything is perfect. The Malkin Jewel is definitely my favourite song, closely followed by In Absentia.

Amazing job, guys!

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